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Where Do Rats In Your Kitchen Come From?

Have you ever had a rat running around your kitchen?

If the answer is yes, then you will be able to sympathize with the distress felt by the customer who discovered this robust brown rat running around her kitchen, before we stepped in to remove it.

rat in kitchen

Rats are extremely common in kitchens and it's little wonder.

Under almost all kitchen units is a large space between the base of the cabinets and the floor, fronted with a plinth.

This is where rats and other rodents can remain concealed for weeks and even months before they are finally seen, found and eliminated.

Food in most kitchens will often be displayed abundantly for rodents to make use of.

When food goes missing - well, someone usually gets the blame, and it's not the rat!

Blame for missing food can create such emotional and heated debate, it can cause turmoil in the home!.

we heard one first-hand account, where a full tray of chocolate brownies disappeared overnight.

The couple argued so much over who ate them, it almost split them up!

Cakes, chocolates, nuts and even loaves of bread have disappeared without trace.

Eventually these things do reapear - behind fridges freezers, inside airing cupboards and many other hard to reach and random areas.

What Tells You There Is A Rat In Your Kitchen?

Rats are hoarders. Rats love to take food and store it in a place of safety. This means large amounts of food can vanish without trace.

So a quick trick to tell if you have a rat or a mouse is to place a few biscuits where you think the little offender is.

If the food has only been nibbled, then chances are high that this is a mouse.

However, if the food has completely disappeared, it is almost certain that this is the work of a hoarding rat!

Why Can Rats Be Hard To Catch?

Trapping can also become hard work, because the rat or rats are now abundantly supplied with food so it can be days or weeks before you get the chance to catch them.

What's Wrong With Rat Traps?

Rats traps are problematic when a rat becomes trapped without it being killed. This means that live dispatch is required.

Worse still, if you don't fix the trap in place with screws or wire the rat can drag it away into a cavity where it will be clanking around and squealing for days.

Glue Boards and The Law!

Glue boards are sometimes viewed as a good bet, especially when rodents are bait shy or simply not feeding.

Coming face to face with a screaming rat however is a sight to behold and it takes some gumption to go head to head and dispatch them humanely "by hand"!

Legally, glue boards need to be checked at least every 24 hours or 12 hours is the new best practice.

This can make control tremendously expensive in situations where no rats are caught and glue boards remain in place for extended periods.

How Do Rats Get Into Your Kitchen?

If you are lucky it will be a single rat that has entered via an open door window or cat-flap etc.

If you are unlucky they will be accessing your property through the fabric of the building, from faulty drains or even below floors through damaged air bricks and wall vents etc.

Occasionally rats enter via the roof, especially in extended properties.

Rats commonly infest the voids above and below kitchens, leading to urine dripping from the ceiling and running down the walls or stinking faeces decaying under your floor.

this might seem extreme but we are seeing it more and more.

The best defense is observation, elimination and proofing to completely and permanently solve the problem.

A professional pest control inspection should be your first course of action.

This will arm you with the knowledge of what might realistically be occurring and allow you to make a more informed decision on the pros and cons of DIY as opposed to professional control.

Problems like this can sometimes be solved very quickly and simply with right advice, but without it you will very likely suffer further disease exposure, property damage and sleepless nights.

In short, a professional inspection is the best place to begin before spending large sums of money on products and repairs that might be unnecessary and ineffective.