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What Are Woodworm and Timber Beetles?

The term "WOODWORM" is used to describe the larvae of insects that feed on timber or wood products. Wood worm create tunnels and grooves in the timber that both weakens it and makes it more susceptible to the effects of water ingress and fungal infestation.

Timber pests are predominantly Beetles and there are dozens of species that cause problems as well as infestations in structural timbers. What we want to do here is introduce you to some of the most common species of timber pests.

Are All Woodworm The Same?

Each species of beetle has particular preferences and features that distinguish them from one another, and our expert eye will help us provide you with a tailor made solution for long lasting preservation of wooden items and timber structures in your home, roof and floor voids.

Although it might seem that the beetles are the biggest cause for concern, it is not always the case. Once beetles have attacked timbers, the holes they create offer a perfect entry point for fungal spores!

What Types Of Wood Beetle Cause Damage?

Powder Post Beetles (Lyctus brunneus) - Found in newer timbers, stored or recently processed

House Longhorn Beetle (Hylotrupes bajulus) - This destructive beetle loves softwood with high sap content.

Death Watch Beetle (Xestobium rufovillosum) - Found deep in the timber and easily underestimated.

Common Furniture Beetle (Anobium punctatum) - This beetle is not fussy, damaging a wide variety of timbers

Waney Edge Borer (Ernobius mollis) - Found beneath the bark of logs, common in the wood basket

Wood Boring Weevils (various species) - Causing shallow tunnels directly below the bark.

How Serious Can Beetle Infestations Become?

In most cases the results of beetle infestation will not be serious. It is easy to become very concerned for little or no reason, but in some cases the concern is quite necessary and legitimate.

Understanding the identity of the beetle species affecting your timbers will help you assess the kind of damage and the scale of damage being caused.

The earlier you invest in a professional assessment, the faster and easier it will be bring any problems under control effectively. Ignoring activity may allow a fairly small area of activity to spread systemically to other timbers and reduce the efficacy of any future treatment while increasing costs.

Don't wait - act now.

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