Take Advantage Of In-House Expertise

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Why Are We Different?

Bringing to businesses across the country for the very first time, a system of control that avoids the traditional and outdated approach of "poison First - Poison only" control.

We help unburden businesses of all sizes from the chains of unnecessary pest control contracts and bring your pest control expertise in-house.

What Will You Learn?

Professional pest control has its place, so we teach you "why and when" pest control services are needed.

> Professional Control - When to call the experts, why you need them, and what to expect.

It's sometimes difficult with budgetary constraints to decide if the cost of professional control is warranted, so understanding more clearly how to assess this can significantly help you validate that what you are spending is a clear investment that's protecting more than just your reputation.

> Pest Identification - Pests you are most likely to discover, how to find them, how to identify them.

We see countless examples each year of customers wrongly identifying pests. The best case scenario is that the consequences of the animal they have identified is less serious than they imagined. The very worst situation is for example, having bedbugs and leaving them because you think they are harmless beetles!

> Monitoring For Insects - Practical introduction to monitoring and the products available.

Monitoring pest activity can be a significant cost saving exercise, when you understand how to do it effectively. When pests are well controlled professionally, you need to follow this up with a period of monitoring to ensure that control measures have succeeded.

> Monitoring For Rodents - Field craft, tracking, monitoring methods, trapping and more.

Rodents of all kinds leave tracks and signs of activity that to many go unnoticed. Having an introduction to field craft wont turn you into Ray Mears, but will place you in the top 1%. Spotting signs of rodents early can save you a fortune by avoiding remediation costs later.

> Legal aspects of pest control - your responsibilities and what you need to know and do.

Not desperately technical (we promise), yet a little knowledge here can again save your business lots of hassle and unnecessary costs.

> Examination - Practical assessment and multiple choice paper.

This is not a scary two hour exam, just a short multiple choice paper to test your understanding of the principles and details covered during the day. This is followed up with a short Q & A session to make sure you leave the course with higher subject clarity

How Rats Spread Diseases And Parasites

Successful control demands that a variety of methods are married together. Only by using a combined and integrated methodology will it be possible to control pests successfully in the longer term. However, the fact remains that standards vary and by understanding what is needed, you will always stay in control of your pest management, the costs and more importantly your reputation.

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