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Cockroach Control - Facts & FAQ's

What Are Cockroaches?

Cockroach Control Treatments: Cockroaches or simply "roaches", number almost 4000 species, and have an impressive ancestry stretching back some 400 million years. They represent a significant threat to public health as an important carrier of disease, and can cause offensive odors, as well as contribute towards allergies in humans and Asthma.

What are the Clinical and Health implications of Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are omnivorous meaning they feed on just about anything. This has included the nails of sleeping babies and adults.

Allergies are also a major feature of these insects, because 50% of asthmatics have shown sensitivity to environments where cockroaches are present. Symptoms include: shortness of breath, sneezing and skin reactions.

The diseases associated with cockroaches include:

> Poliomyelitis virus - Causes infantile paralysis

> Entamoeba histolytica - A parasitic intestinal infection killing 70000 people a year

> Toxoplasma gondii - A parasitic infection causing damage to the eyes and brain

> Escherichia coli - An intestinal infection causing kidney failure in infants

> Enterobius vermicularis - A common worm found in humans.

Of the thousands of cockroach species known to science, only a few dozen are of medical importance to human health. The most abundant of these in Bristol is the German Cockroach (Blattella germanica) pictured in the image above.

The ones pictured here were hiding under, and within a counter-top microwave oven. Appliances that generate heat of any kind like ovens, fridges, freezers, and dishwashers can be the perfect breeding grounds for cockroaches.

How common are Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are not quite as common in people's homes as some might lead you to believe, but once they are in your home they can be very, very difficult to eradicate, especially if you live in a multi-occupancy building like a block of flats.

When are Cockroaches difficult to eradicate?

Because cockroaches are nocturnal, the real size of an infestation is sometimes quite hard to gauge.

It's incredibly easy and common to underestimate the scale of the problem. This in itself is another reason these insects can develop robust populations so quickly and so covertly.

When Cockroaches arise in blocks of flats or other types of multi-unit buildings, they quickly spread to other areas and living spaces through the fabric of the building.

Pinning down the original source is often impossible, because no-matter where they started out, they might find a better living space somewhere else in the building and thrive there instead.

This means that in circumstances where others in your building are unwilling to cooperate with control measures or matters of cleanliness, control cannot be permanently achieved.

How are Cockroaches controlled?

Baits and residual poisons are among the most common treatment options, and some of the professional baits available are very expensive. This translates into treatment plans that are unfortunately quite costly.

How Quickly Can You Get To Us?

Our standard, same day Pest Control Service for Cockroach Control is always available, and for extra peace of mind our 24 Hour Emergency Pest Control Service operates 24/7 so help is never far away.

How Do We Get in Touch?

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