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Why Does Bristol Have Such Interesting Spiders?

Bristol has a very diverse cultural mix, and this abundance of nationalities introduces the need for a bewildering variety of foods from across the globe.

Along with this imported harvest comes insects and spiders of every kind, and this is something we love to handle because you never know what you're going to see next.

Bristol's Spiders - Are Any Dangerous?

Yes! We have a dozen or so British Spiders in the UK, and at least four of them found in Bristol, that can, and do cause severe pain and tissue injury, but most spiders found in and around our homes are perfectly harmless.

What we don't have "YET" are any "deadly spiders". Despite the best efforts of pest control services, every year, more and more species are brought into the country and are managing to survive in our fickle climate.

Isolated populations of exotic wildlife are growing, and these include giant stick insects, scorpions and spiders. Our wildlife is getting more tropical and so too are British spiders, increasing the risks that a small number will inevitably represent to human safety.

Working in Bristol for more almost a decade has shown us how many species found commonly in Bristol are not as prolific in other Cities like Bath.

On average we receive about a dozen calls a year from people who have been bitten by what they believe to be tropical species of spider. As yet, we have not encountered any spiders considered dangerous or deadly.

What Should You Do If Bitten By A Spider?

If safe to do so, place a jar over the spider for identification later. If we are available, we can send one of our experts over to collect it.

If it escapes, then we can carry out an emergency fumigation to try and eliminate it. We do have a small charge for collection and assessment service, but this is a small price to place on your peace of mind and professional advice.

following assessment, we can advise you if a pest control treatment is required and explain the options and costs involved.

How do I get Rid of Spiders?

Residual insecticides and rapid knock down fumigation is the usual method of control. However, permanent elimination is rarely possible in domestic premises, but a high level of overall control is possible.

Why Do We Need Spiders?

Spiders represent your very own natural pest control, so elimination of spiders could create an increase in other insects, which this is worth considering!

Healthy populations of arachnids are common in almost every environment where insect and other prey is present.

The best solution for control consists of vacuuming your home to remove any webs and take measures to control the insect prey on which your spiders feed. Let us know how you get on. Thanks for reading!

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