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Free, fast and easy ways to get rid of each of these insect and rodent pests humanely, without a default need for pesticides. Let's look at RATS, MICE, SQUIRRELS, FLIES and MOTHS.

Prevent entry into your property, prevent access to your food and water and you prevent your pest from surviving and thriving - Simple!

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Rat Pest Control: For Advice About Drains, Gardens, Attics, Kitchens, and Wall Cavities, Etc.

Brown rats (R. norvegicus) are a frequent target of pest services in Bristol, especially in the city, but where do rats come from? Yes it sounds crazy but seriously - rats don't just parachute in or appear out of the blue. Rats are smart pests that use our homes for a few key reasons - food, shelter and water.

1. 90% of rat problems our pest specialists encounter in Bristol are resolved permanently with the help of a drain inspection and repairs or modifications to drains. 80% of properties with rat infestations in Bristol will have been extended within the last twenty years.

2. Sometimes a simple repair is all you need to get rid of rats. Wessex water carries out free drain surveys of sewers that run under or around infested properties. Yes, - that is free!

3. Broken air-vent covers are another easy access point for rats and many other pest species. Vent covers can usually be bought online for less than a fiver.

4. Gaps under or around doors and pipes into a building are another point of pest and rat ingress. A small piece of wire-wool fixed in place with expanding foam or sealant can work well at excluding rats and mice alike. Silicon Sealants work best.

5. Investigating the voids and spaces beneath your floors, behind kitchen plinths, under your bath or up in your attic will often reveal all kinds of rat bait trays, and unused rat poison, etc. This is especially common in properties suffering major rat infestations over many years.

Don't be seduced by the promise of a bait only elimination. BAIT-STINK-FLIES-REPEAT is an outdated and failing system for controlling rodents. We prefer our own advanced flavour of control: FIND-FIX-FORGET-FOREVER. Exclusion is the most humane form of control.

Mouse Pest Control Advice: For The Field Mouse, Wood Mouse & House Mouse, Etc.

1. The House Mouse, Feild Mouse and Woodmouse enter your home in the same way rats do, from gardens and adjoining buildings. But not through the drains of course. A quick biscuit check often resolves any queries as to whether the rodent is a rat or a mouse.

2. Place a dark chocolate digestive biscuit on the floor and leave overnight or while you are out for the day. If it disappears, chances are you have a rat.

3. If the food gets nibbled where it is or is only dragged a short distance, then you are almost certainly dealing with mice.

4. Mouse traps work well and the very best bait is Green & Blacks 70% Dark Chocolate. Take a small piece and melt on one side with a lighter or similar heat source (mind your fingers!) so the chocolate glues itself to any trap.

5. Humane traps are cheap and easy to use with this method but be aware, it can prove to be a legal nightmare if you get caught releasing a pest, especially pests like rats and mice, into a public space or area in Bristol.

Grey Squirrel Pest Control: For Squirrels in Attics, Lofts and Crawl Spaces, Etc.

1. Grey squirrels are a terrible nuisance pest if they decide to make your attic their home because of the destruction they unleash on wiring, cables, insulation, structural timbers and your precious stored items!

2. Robust roof level proofing is often required to stop them, but a few other methods you could try first might just do the trick.

3. First (if you have easy safe access), go into the attic, because the presence of a person in an attic often scares grey squirrels away, especially if the squirrel or squirrels have just arrived or are in the process of evaluating your home as a new best place to live.

4. Urinal deodorising pellets or tablets sometimes work in small spaces and plug-in ultrasonic devices have their place in repelling squirrels, but don't hold your breath!

5. Cage trapping squirrels is something we don't do because professionals have an obligation to destroy captured vermin.

For amateurs, things are less clear, but drowning a squirrel is illegal and we know of a dozen or so cases where water buts or ponds were in regular use for the purpose of exterminating grey squirrels!

For this reason, think carefully about cage traps and how you might deal with a captured squirrel humanely.

Fly Pest Control : For House Flies, Blow Flies, Fruit Flies, Midges, Cluster Flies, Etc.

1. Flies in your house are usually present because doors, windows or window vents have been left open - close them or contact us to have fly screens fitted!

2. If flies are coming from inside the property, there are a couple of locations you should look first. The dampest areas, especially around, leaking waste pipes are a common source of flies, as to are brown food recycling boxes kept indoors.

3. Food residues under worktops, plinths and under or around bins are another common point of fly activity.

4. OK, you've checked all those places and you still have flies? If there is a loft hatch in an affected room or wooden beams, then overwintering flies often squeeze through tiny gaps around the edges of timbers, panels and doors into rooms. A quick application of sealant or masking tape quickly solves most of these fly problems.

5. Finally, think about flies in houseplants! Yep, we often have customers covered in bites from black midges that develop as larvae in the soil of houseplants.

Moth Pest Control: Clothes Moths, Carpet Moths, Indian Meal Moths, White Shoulder Moths.

Despite what you might read online and get told on many websites, moths in our homes are easily eliminated.

1. The first step is a deep clean! Ugh, I know! 70% or more of the dust in our houses is skin flakes. Yes, that is a nasty statistic, but a very important one.

2. Sometimes carpets and rugs are not the targets, rather it's the dust that has settled on top of carpets. This moth control fact explains why moths are present in homes with either synthetic carpets or no carpets at all.

3. If carpet love fails, please take a closer look at your moths.

4. Gold, metallic looking moths are usually the common clothes moth, so check your wardrobe.

5. Brown moths are usually associated with infested food, so the pantry is next on the list.

If your moths have a white line across the shoulders or just behind the head, these moths are a tell-tale sign of decomposing pests, including rodents, birds or even rodent droppings.

Your Alternative to Bristol Council Pest Department

Bristol council pest services can rarely compete with the speed and scope of our more sophisticated pest services.

Time is all important when a pest is causing cumulative damage to your home and property - Don't Wait! Call our Bristol Office today.

What Are Pests?

A pest is defined as a destructive organism (plants, animals and fungi) or entity harmful to crops, food or livestock, etc.

Pests can also refer to annoying or nuisance people and organisms, etc.

The origins of the word pest take us to its original Latin root "pestis" or "plague". During the 15th Century, the word was used once again in its French form "peste" relating to the bubonic plague!

Disease-causing pests like Mosquitoes carry micro-organisms and parasites, like Ross River virus and Murray Valley encephalitis.

Agricultural pests like moths and beetles have larvae that attack and eat vegetables and cereal crops.

Stored Product Pests consume, contaminate and destroy our food. Stored product pests include rats, mice, beetles and moths that inflict both physical and microbiological damage to food.

Invasive Pests - For example, the grey squirrel, zander, green parrot, rabbit, crayfish and mink are all examples of non-native, artificially introduced species, or pests!

Textile Pests - Silverfish, for example, eat holes in clothes and damage all manner of other items. Clothes moths, carpet moths, and carpet beetles are all considered important textile pests.

Biting Pests - For example, bedbugs and fleas feed on the blood of humans and the animals around us. They often spread disease and parasites.

What Is Pest Control?

When people think of pests, they tend to conjure images of terrible poisons, diseases, shaman and shady characters!

The truth behind this fiction is quite the opposite.

Most dangerous pesticides were pulled from the shelves years ago and the likelihood of you contracting diseases from pests in the UK is almost zero.

We have had no reports in Bristol of customers falling ill as a proven consequence of pest activity.

Many in the pest industry, like ourselves, have industry accreditations and memberships to signify that we have been third-party assessed and vetted for quality and safety.

As pest professionals, we have access to a tremendous variety of pest control tools and techniques.

We are transforming how vermin issues are eliminated, making your experience of pest extermination, safer and increasingly humane.

If you would like to discover more about the pest control services we offer and would like us to solve and be the antidote to the pests plaguing you, we would be delighted to help.

So if you have a pest control problem that no one else can solve or you simply want a job well done - maybe you should call WaspKill UK pest control and invite our local pest control experts to take care of things.

Bristol & International TV & Radio Appearances

The pest management work we are proudest of is our film and radio work with the BBC, National Geographic, and others.

We are also proud of our educational work with local schools and charitable organisations.

What people quickly learn about our service, is our ability to succeed when others have failed.

At WaspKill UK, We get called every year to people who have been told it can't be done, only for us to find a perfect solution.

When it needs doing, and it needs doing right, WE ARE THE EXPERTS PEOPLE CALL, and we are very proud of this.

As you might appreciate, our pest control services are always in demand.

We are often called to help when other pest control providers in Bristol have failed or not had the technical and scientific pest analysis expertise to exterminate infestations quickly or effectively.