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Why Would You Benefit From Professional Bird Netting Services?

What Is Bird Netting?

Bird netting comes in a bewildering number of varieties that are quite unique to their purpose.

Some are heavy duty, ultra strong systems and others what we describe as ultra light weight ghost netting that is almost invissible.

Bird netting is primarily used to exclude problem birds, while lighter weight products are used to help safely capture birds for safe release.

What Is Bird Netting Made From?

Most bird netting is made of synthetic products. this give the netting a high strength to weight ratio while remaining robust to the elements and UV damage.

Some bird netting systems are designed to humanely and safely capture problem birds, while others are designed to offer discreet protection for buildings and roofs.

What Is The Best Bird Netting To Use?

Understanding the uses and limitations of each type of netting and how to manage the diverse systems of fixings is best left to the experts like ourselves.

It's easy to waste large sums of money on incorrectly sited and installed netting systems.

Sometimes the netting causes more problems than it fixes by trapping gulls and other birds in confined spaces or public areas where there presence causes complaints and bad publicity.

Over many years we have developed the skills and expertese to apply bird netting systems in a variety of ways that serve to limit any ongoing concerns.

We understand bird proofing and have helped numerous customer solve their priblems quickly and effectively.

If you would like us to help solve your bird netting and bird control problems and help establish what bird control systems would be most effective in your particular situation, we would be delighted to help.

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