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Bristol Fly Control: The flies that interest us, are called the "true flies" from the order Diptera and are small insects that are responsible for removing and recycling huge quantities of waste both animal and plant in origin.

There are estimated to be over 100,000 different species yet only a small proportion are considered important pests both as a nuisance and as vectors of disease.

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Why You Have Maggots

Bristol Maggot Control: Fly Larvae or Maggots are found in your bins or your home because at some point a food source has been present. Maggots require both nutrition and time to develop successfully. Plastic bins and bin bags, provide some other less obvious advantages.

They absorb and retain heat, maintain humidity and provide a discreet environment in which huge infestations of fly larvae can rapidly develop unnoticed.

Maggots In Your Bins?

Most of the fly larvae or maggots you will see, belong to a group of flies referred to as "Blow Flies". These bright, often metallic flies are attracted to decaying protein based products.

The Most Common Routes Of Fly Larvae Contamination:

> Absent, Faulty or Loosely Fitting Bin Lids - The most common contamination point.

> Contaminated Food - Flies have laid eggs on the food prior to disposal.

> Bin Bags - Bags are not properly sealed.

> Nappies and Sanitary Products - These are commonly placed into bins, unbagged!.

> Unbagged Food Waste - The odour encourages huge numbers of flies.

> Pet Food - Containers in recycling and fly egg infested waste food.

> Rodents - Rodents get into properties, are poisoned or simply die naturally.

> Nesting Birds - When birds or the chicks die, they often fall into guttering.

Maggots In Your Home

Maggots in your home are more unusual than finding them outside. The biggest cause for these is sometimes neglect of essential housekeeping, such as bin emptying or removal of old food products.

Another common reason for maggots indoors, is dead animals and birds within the property, or on its immediate perimeter. Young birds and poisoned rodents etc are very common sources of maggots and birds sometimes nest beneath exterior cladding or in roof valleys where maggots can easily mature before wriggling into the fabric of the buildings to pupate.

Simple Ways To Prevent Maggot Infestations

> Bins and Recycling Receptacles - Keep these clean and deodorised with disinfectant

> Pet Food Receptacles - Don't leave food out for prolonged periods and wash items regularly

> Bin Bags & Rubbish Sacks - Double tie bin bags and double bag rubbish in hot weather

> Food storage - Freshly cooked, waste meat products can be frozen, until bin collection day

> Faulty Bins - Faulty bins are often replaced free of charge by local authorities.

> Keep Gutters Clear - Clear blocked guttering and fit with gutter brush.

> Pest Proofing - Ensure any obvious holes/gaps are sealed in walls and vents.

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