First Aid Advice For Insect Bites

Insect Bites first aid

Advice about Spider & Insect Bites

Many Spiders and insects such as beetles, have the capacity to bite and cause great pain and discomfort and requiring first aid. We have many spiders in the UK that can inflict very painful bites and some people can have significant reactions to them.

Can Spiders Found In The United Kingdom Bite?

Most people falsely believe we have no native venomous spiders in the UK. The UK is home to many spiders that can and do give a very painful and in rare instances a very serious bite. Of course only a tiny number of people react adversely to spider bites, but the seriousness of those reactions cannot be ignored.

What we don't have are any native, deadly spiders. Every year tropical and very dangerous species of spider do slip through the net, and enter mainland Britain in food stuffs and in baggage and clothing etc. If you suspect this, then try to safely contain the spider and call us or other qualified help at once.

How And Why Do Insects Bite People?

Beetles and other insects with articulating jaws are able to bite, and although painful are not dangerous because no venom or toxins are injected or delivered deep into the tissues. The bites received are simply defensive. The bites of some other insects are rather more sinister!

insects bite you in order to feed on your blood, are called hematophagous and include insects like fleas and bed bugs both of which have specialised mouth parts designed for penetrating blood vessels. These are also insects that present as some of the most deadly vectors of disease on the planet.

Insect bites like the bites of Bedbugs penetrate your skin with a hollow tube whilst fleas simply pierce through the skin. Any insect bites however insignificant have the theoretical, potential to create an infection or reaction, so it's important to at the very least monitor the bite site to ensure that it does not become septic and if you have any concerns - contact your doctor.

Skin reactions to both flea and bedbug bites are common on most people. Some of the very worst Insect Bites we see each year and fall victim to each year are those of the horse flies. The Insect Bite shown in the image above was inflicted by a horse fly.

Important: Act Fast - Always try and establish early intervention.

First Aid Guidance If Bitten By Insects

Your aim is to reduce as far as possible any swelling or discomfort and contact  NHS Direct, your doctor or emergency services.

1. Give the casualty plenty of reassurance and support

2. Help the casualty to sit down and rest

3. Raise the affected area and apply a cold compress for at least 10 minutes

4. Tell the casualty to see a GP or go to hospital if the pain or swelling gets worse

5. If the casualty appears to be deteriorating, call 111 or 999 in an emergency

How Quickly Can You Get To Us?

Our standard, same day Pest Control Service for Biting Insects is always available, and for extra peace of mind our 24 Hour Emergency Pest Control Service operates 24/7 so help is never far away.